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We invite you to share your thoughts with us! Kelly touched so many lives in the brief time she lived and we appreciate you taking the time to share your comments with us. Warmest regards, Remember Kelly, Inc.

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my little girl
I love you and I miss you so much.


Missing you
Wow, I could really use a kelly hug and kelly smile and kelly laugh today. You are missed and felt always in my heart. That is where you live now and I'll carry you there until the end of my days.


Missing You
Kelly - When I think of Tarak, I often think of you. I still haven't come to terms with the loss of you both. I love you Kelly. You always lifted my spirits and brightened my day. Carolyn, Jim, Robin & family...I pray that God will get you through the days, weeks, months, and years ahead. Kelly touched so many peoples lives. She won't be forgotten.


missing you
nothing else really to say...i miss you, i hurt b/c i miss you. I hope you are watching over the boys.


Your sis's birthday
In a couple of days it will be Robin's birthday and I know if you were here you would make the day special. Oh, Kelly, I miss you so much and I know that Robin's heart hurts for you also. She continues to push herself to great limits but I know she feels your support with each step she takes. Somehow I know you are with her, always encouraging and keeping her safe. I love you. Mother


my heavy heart
It has been such a long time that I have posted anything. It's not like I haven't been thinking of you. Oh, Kelly, you are always on my mind. I go to bed each night thinking of you and I wake and realize you are no longer with me. And then I face the day. I ask God when the hurt will go away...I think never. I love you, Kelly, and I miss you so much.


Kelly's Smile
Dear Kelly and Family, One of the greatest things,of many, regarding Kelly's life, was her smile.. She "always" had this smile. I remember her as a trooper.. What great things you have done and how your life carries on. I am sure you are missed very much by the ones that knew you and the ones who never will. But, the infectious smile Kelly had will still brighten everyone's life today. I too miss you Kelly!

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Tomorrow is the race for Kelly and I am so excited to get to help in it this year. I did not personally know Kelly but I attend North Gaston High School and I know Kelly was loved and is still today missed.

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I went to school with Kelly and after graduation it seemed like so many of us just lost touch. I just found out today about kelly and it just made me sad. The one thing that I remember about her was her infectious smile and her spritely personality. She had a zest for life and brought joy to anyone who came around her.

Kristin O'Connor

Your Race
Hi Kelly, my name is Kristin and I'm a friend of Robin's--she and I work together at the gym. Maybe since you are an angel now, you already know who I am and with that probably know that I've been thinking so much about you this week. I'm volunteering at your race on Saturday and as I told Robin recently, I'm so happy to be able to give myself, my time, my energy, my heart, and my mind, to your race--to Robin, your family, and in loving memory of you. Robin is such a beautiful person and I know you know this, but she walks with your love in all the she does. In all that she speaks. This radiates in every conversation, every interaction I have with her. I know this may sound strange since we never knew each other, but being able to be a part of you on Saturday warms and fills my soul. Know that I will give Saturday my very best and do everything that Robin needs of me to make this day a huge success! Bye for now... :)

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Happy 36th Birthday
Today is your special day! You always knew how to make any event have that extra special touch and your dad and I want to do the same for you. He bought balloons yesterday and they were so colorful with stars and sprinkles all over and were soaring to the top of the ceiling. This morning they are lying on the dining room floor! We should have known the gas seeps out. I know you would have found that funny and I am tying so hard to laugh at silly things like that too, but.. I would love to be able to hear your laughter for real and see your smiling face. When you laughed it showed all over you. I miss that. Happy Bithday, Kelly. I am holding you close in my heart and sending you all my love forever. "Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birhtday dear Kelly, Happy Birthday to you. Love, Mother

Robin, Chris, Gabe, and Jairus

Happy Birthday and missing you
You are so on my mind, and the boys will be sending you balloons today. Please keep an eye out for them. Kelly, I miss you so much and still can't believe you're not here. It just doesn't seem real, and I don't think it ever will. I am honoring you today, and am sending you all my love, kisses, hugs, and tears....xoxo


March has arrived and so did the snow that you liked so well. It was picture perfect coming down and I just imagined seeing your smiling face and hearing your laughter. I miss you more than words can express and I love you with all my heart. Love, Mother


Your race!
It has been a busy day for me getting things ready for your 2009 race. Thoughts of you keep me motivated to make this the best race ever. As I distributed the brouchers around to the different locations, I got such wonderful acolades about you. People all over still remember you and how wonderful you were and how much they miss you too. Kelly, I am just amazed at the lives you touched and the influences you made in peoples lives in the short years that you lived. I still miss you so much and will never feel complete without you. I love you forever. Mother


Missing you
Kelly, I think of you all the time and still remember the time we spent immediately prior to you getting your beautiful angel wings. I miss you more today and that pain seems to grow deeper into my soul. I'm lonely for my sister who helped me through so much and it's hard to not have you to do that for me now. I stay strong because I know you were stronger than anyone I knew. I was contacted by some friends who knew you in Chapel Hill, but I supposed you already know that. You touched so many in your brief life. I am searching for the faith to let go and know that I will see you again. All my love, and deepest respect. I miss you terribly. love, Robin


A Sad Day
Today marks 3 years since you died. I hate saying the word die. I still can't believe it. I don't know when or if I will ever be able to accept that you are no longer here with me. I know life must go on, but I wonder why and how I am suppose to do it. I love you, Kelly, with all my heart and I miss you so much. With all my love forever. Mother

Jan Ghrairi

Thinking of You
Today, I'm thinking of you and all that you meant to me and my family. If I could choose a daughter or daughter-in-law, she would be just like you. I just want you to know that you are loved and thought of daily, that you brought hope and joy to us, and gave us a reason to strive to be better people. Say hello to Tarak for us. Carolyn, Jim, Robin, & family. We think of you often and pray for strength to get you through this day. Love always, Jan

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My sweet Kelly!
Kelly - while it's been too long since I've written to you on your special web page, don't think for a second that you have escaped my thoughts! My love for you is forever strong and you continue to be a missing piece from my life. Please find a way to stay near me - I love you. :) Kate


Loving you
Christmas 2008 is over and I continue to miss you so much. The holidays will just never be the same without you. You are in my thoughts constantly and I am reminded of the loss of your presence every day. I love you very much and I send hugs and kisses to you. love Mother


Missing Kelly
I get too choked up to write what I really feel towards Kelly, but I know she knows that I love her and miss her terribly.

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