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We invite you to share your thoughts with us! Kelly touched so many lives in the brief time she lived and we appreciate you taking the time to share your comments with us. Warmest regards, Remember Kelly, Inc.

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I miss you
Today is Mother's Day and I miss you so much. I love you, Kelly. My heart longs to hold you , to talk to you, to feel your presence. It is such an empty feeling to loose a child. I love you so much. Mother


I can not tell you the number of times I think of you...seeing you and Kelly on graduation day...with all the blue...it looked like "smurfville". I also remember the day you went with Kelly and Robin to get pedicures??? Isn't that right. I do hope you are doing well. Jim and I are now in Kure Beach, NC and would love to see you. If you ever leave New York, please come by to visit. You were such a dear friend of Kelly's and it makes me feel good to know your life if going well and that you still think of her today. I will always miss my daughter and I had hoped that time would help heal the sorrow, but even as the years pass, I still feel such an emptyness. Kelly added so much to life..she made it special.

Tim Anderson

God, I miss that smile
I just wanted to say hello from New York. This site is wonderful. I'm so glad these pictures are on here, lighting up the internet. Missing Kelly more and more as the years pass. I long to talk to her and get her take on things happening in the world. One of my fondest memories is the time she sent me a birthday card that said, on the cover, "It's your birthday! You should do something fun for yourself." Then, on the inside it said "Bake yourself a cake or something!" I hope all of you are well. Take care and lots of love, Tim

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Happy Easter
I wish you were here with me on this beautiful Easter morning, but I know you are here in spirit. I also know you have seen and held your newest nephew, Jade. He is a precious little boy and Jairus is so happy to have him home. I will continue to think of you and hold you close in my heart. I love you so much...Jairus says those words too. love, mother


Your race
It has taken me several days, but I have finally finished all tasks relating to the race. Kelly, it was such a huge success. You just can't imagine the how beautiful the day was and how so many people came out to celebrate you. I felt your presence and I was comforted and saddened all at the same time. I love you so very much and as hard as I try, I still cry for you daily. I know one day I will see you again, but until then I pray to God for courage and strength to live without you in my daily life. You brought so much joy to me and I miss the times we shared together. I love you Kelly. Mother


Happy Birthday
Today you would have been 37. We are celebrating here. Watch out for the balloons. Gabe still talks about his KK and Jairus does too even though you never met him on this earth.....a sweet soul assured me that you knew your nephews Jairus and Jade, even before I did. I love you and miss you so much.

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Neil Armstrong...North Gaston Class of 90

Remembering Kelly
I had the pleasure of attending middle school and high school with Kelly and I just stumbled across this website. Kelly was a special person who always had a smile on her face. I am truly saddened to have found out that Kelly is no longer with us but I find solace in knowing that she is still making an impact on this world. I will miss you Kelly!!


Kelly - missing you more than ever. xo


Kelly, I just plain miss you, the sadnees will never go away. We take it day by day, doing our best.We reenforce each other at our sad times, your Mom and I.Not to worry, we know you are guiding us and we have the boys. You would be so proud of them and soon to get a third , just think of it 3 little Robins and KK'S. Will close for now, Love Pops


Hi, this goes out to Kelly and her family. I currently go to North Gaston High School and am working very hard in my health classes so that I can become the Pediatric Nurse that I AM going to become. Reading just that small amount of Kelly's story has truly inspired me. She went through hard times, and yet still kept her head held high and encouraged others who were a little less fortunate than her. I only wish that I could live up to that. From her story she seemed to be so upbeat and friendly and full of positive thinking. I feel as though God had a wonderful plan for her, and even though her time came, he still kept her warmth and spirit alive in whom ever he could. I plan to attend the Kelly Guffey Race this year. I am so excited to participate in something so inspirational. KELLY YOU SEEMED TO BE A WONDERFUL PERSON, AND EVEN THOUGH I HAVE NEVER MET YOU, I FEEL AS THOUGH A PART OF ME DOES. WE BOTH WENT THROUGH OBSTACLES THAT NO ONE COULD TRULY IMAGINE. God bless each and everyone of Kelly's friends and family memembers.

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Working on the race
The race is coming along. A little different this year...mom and dad not living in Dallas makes it a bit more challenging, and baby Jade due on the 27th means I can't be there physically, but I'll be there in spirit just like you. You have given me so much strength over the last month Kelly. I just know it. I have overcome a lot of stuff and asked you for guidance and support. I know you're with me. Jairus, who you never met looks at your picture on my necklace and knows its "kk" and we still send you balloons all the time. I miss you so much and I know I'll never fill this void, but thank you for helping to put people into my life that validate me and help to keep me focused and moving forward. You're beautiful....keep shining your light down on my family. All my love and admiration....XOXOXO

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Missing You
My sweet Kelly, I'll always love you and never forget you. You were a beacon of light to so many that you met and touched with your contagious smile and laughter.


I don't like thinking about today and the sadness it brings. I re-live each moment as if it was yesterday..the thoughts never escape my mind. You were such a vital part of my life...you gave me so much and now I have to face my days without you. I keep you close in my heart, but, I'm greedy..I want to keep you close in my arms, but I can't and it hurts. I know you want me to smile and be happy and live life to the fullest...that was the way you approached everything, even in your darkest moments. Your courage amazed me and when I think of you I feel so blessed....I am trying so hard not to cry because your are gone, but to be happy that you happened to my life. I love you forever.


...love and miss you, baby girl...


Merry Christmas
It goes without saying how much you are missed. We lit candles at dinner in remembrance of you. Oh, how I wish you were here with me in body rather than spirit. I long so much to hear your laughter, and feel your breath. My sweet child..I love you dearly. love, mother


Miss you
No profound words...no message...I just miss you so much! love mother


love you
hey baby girl, love you. the boys talk about you even jairus. your stocking is hanging on the mantle with their, we will go up on christmas some time, to see what santa left them. you would be proud of them. mom is working on the race she will be real busy.you are in our thoughs and heart forever, we love and miss you, pops


Missing you
Missing you more than ever these days....somehow let me know you are with me.


You are an Auntie again
So much has happened since you left us...and now we are anticipating the birth of Robin's baby.It is due in March..maybe around your birthday..who knows. I wish with all my heart and soul that you could be here with us to share in this joy. It is just so unfair. I will never understand why God took you away. I know Robin is sad that she can't share this time with you..I hear it in her voice. I want to think that somehow you will send your love and keep her protected in your special way. I love you with all my heart and I know one day I will see your beautiful smile again.


love you
i love and miss you terribly , things are going as best as they. the boys as you know are doing great, growing like a weed. we love you. pops

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