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We invite you to share your thoughts with us! Kelly touched so many lives in the brief time she lived and we appreciate you taking the time to share your comments with us. Warmest regards, Remember Kelly, Inc.

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Your race
Another year has rolled around and once again, your race to remember took place. For the first time in seven years we had to run in a misty rain, but still people came out and participated. I met one lady as I was making my way around the course and when I told her who I was, she said that she had been at the relay for life and heard your speech and was so inspired. That was over 7 years ago and she still remembers! We hugged each other when we both crossed the finish line. You may be out of my life, physically, but your spirit lives on, not only in me, but people I have no idea about. Kelly, you truly were an angel. I miss you more as each day goes by and I pray that one day I will hold you close once again. I love you xxoo mother


missing you
Working on the website and thinking of you...oh, the things I've learned that I never thought I'd understand Kelly! You wouldn't beleive, or then again, you probably would! LOVE YOU always ....love the picture of you and Abby:)


Just stopping in for a visit...
...still love and miss you....xoxoxoxoxoxox


Seven years
You left us 7 years ago today and I still miss you so much, as if it just happened. I love you with all my heart and wish you were here...


Merry Christmas
My sweet Kelly...I love you and miss you so much and wish, with all my heart, that you could be with me on this Christmas Eve...you made the holiday for me.


Another holiday gone
Thanksgiving is over for this year and now we wait for Christmas holidays to begin....the clock just keeps chasing itself around and you are not here. Will the hole in my heart ever heal?


my sweet child
Well, here it is almost September..sometimes time seem to stand still and then it races by, but no matter what, the pain of losing you never waivers. I love you sweetie.


former 1991 classmate
I attended my neices' awards day at North Gaston on this month. A young lady spoke about the Remember Kelly scholarship and then I realized that she was talking about Kelly. Tears filled my eyes and I struggled to keep my composure. She was talking about the Kelly that I remember, the Kelly with the big smile and the spirit that I cannot forget. I was not surprised at the things that she accomplished in her life and the lives that she touched while on this earth.

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Your scholarship
I just wanted to say that a student from North Gaston was awarded your scholarship tonight. Your very dear friend, Lori, did the honors. While I wanted to be present, it still hurts so bad to go back and not see you there.


Your race
I just know that you were looking down on us when Jairus and I walked your 5k. I kept asking Jairus if he wanted to stop and go back to the church, but he kept saying "I want to do this race." He held my hand as we walked and he talked about what he saw along the way...I would tell him to say his breath for the walk and not talk, but he kept talking...so much like you. I loved my moment with him and I knew you were the wings on our feet. You would be so proud of all 3 of your nephews. I just know somehow they will alway feel your presence in their lives.


Happy Birthday
Kelly, you would have been 39 today, but for reasons I will never understand in this lifetime, God had another plan for your life. I miss you just as much today, perhaps even more, than I did the day you left me. And I will forever grieve that you are no longer here, but I try to smile and be happy in spite of my broken heart. You were such a wonderful daughter and I was blessed to be your mother. My love remains constant.


almost 6 years
Christmas came and went and now I face the time when you left me.....


Almost Thanksgiving
It's time once again for another Thanksgiving and I miss you more today than ever...when will the tears ever stop..I love you


love you
just wanted to say i love and miss you so much. i always have you in my heart all the time love, pops


Memorials for Jack
On September 22, 2011 Kelly's, Uncle Jack Kienke passed away. He, just like Kelly, lost his battle with cancer. Our prayers are with my sister, Betty, and her children as they mourn their loss. To keep hope alive in the lives of future nurses, Betty has named Remember Kelly, Inc. as one of the memorials for donations. Our foundation offers a $1000 scholarship each year to a high school graduate entering the nursing profession. All donations are tax deductible. Thank you in advance for your contribution.


Class Reunion
Some time this year your classmates from North Gaston High School will get together and celebrate their 20th reunion...and you won't be there...but they asked Robin to write a bio of your life since graduation. While what Robin wrote sums up all the things you did and all the things you accomplished, there will never be enough words to express the sheer joy you gave to everyone. The influence you made in my life can never be measured...I love you dearly...


Another day
...just thinking about you today...missing your big smile..


Robin's birthday
...as you know, today is Robin's 40th birthday and I wanted her to feel some sense of the joy and merriment that you would bring to her on this day, if only you were here in body instead of spirit. I hold on to your laughter, your enthusiasm, your zest for life and wish so much I could hold on to you. I light your candle and pray you see us today when Robin, blows out her candles and makes a wish...I love you so much....


On my mind
...just thinking of you and how well you handled adversity....and kept on smiling and getting the most out of life..I miss you so much...I love you.


Your Scholarship
The selection for your scholarship has been made and I go to Dallas this coming Thursday to present a $1000 check to the winner. I hope with all my heart that every girl that has received your scholarship thus far and those in the future will become nurses who carry on your legacy of caring for children who suffer from such horrible maladies. Kelly was a remarkable young woman who had so much to offer the world...I will never understand why God needed her more than me... I love you, Kelly.

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