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We invite you to share your thoughts with us! Kelly touched so many lives in the brief time she lived and we appreciate you taking the time to share your comments with us. Warmest regards, Remember Kelly, Inc.

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Another Holiday without you
Another Thanksgiving has come and gone and now it is almost Christmas and I miss you even more. You made the holidays such a joyous and special time. I miss your bright smile and the way you made every event a time to embrace and hold close to your heart. I miss everything about you. I do try hard to smile and go on with life, but it will never be the same. I love you so much and will hold you close in my heart forever. love, Mother


love you
just wanted to say i love and miss you pops


Hello Betsy...It was so good to hear from you. Kelly spoke of you often and if memory serves me correctly, the two of you corresponded some after you left UNC. I want to think she came to your wedding or she had pictures of your children....something. I know your name rings a bell with me. Please forgive if I have my memories mixed up. I just enjoy hearing from friends that Kelly made during her brief life. I miss her every second of my day and hearing from her old friends brings some sense of joy. I look forward to seening you at the race in March, 2009. Warmest Regards, Kelly's Mother


Carolina Friend
I knew Kelly from UNC. We lived together in Morrison Dorm. I was so saddened to hear of her passing. I have never known anyone as vibrant and spirited as Kelly. I will miss her. I plan to take part in next year's Race to Remember her.

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Missing you
I miss you......you are missed by us all.....and thought of endlessly. I hope you can see how beautiful your nephews are....they will never know the void of you. Maybe that is a blessing. I surely know that void. My remembrances of you bring me comfort. I miss you.....


Hi Carolyn i just sent you an email.I want to tell everyone how amazing your daughter was.I only met her like 3 times but I will never forget her and that is a promise.What a great smile.Oh my goodness.Stay strong and remember the student who gets the money may be the one who finds a cure for cancer.Only God knows when but I do know that there can be a cure.Not if but when. God Bless, Rebecca P

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Hats Off to All!
Hats off to all who participated in the March 29, 2008 5k Kelly Guffey Race to Remember. It was indeed a race to remember! Over 130 runners made their way around the winding course throughout the historic town of Dallas, NC. Local participants, as well as those from various cities and towns across North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Massachusetts, and Virginia supported this race with their presence, enthusiasm, spirit and good will. Thanks to everyone for making this event a huge success. And to all of you who missed out on this great opportunity to run a Race to Remember ....stay tuned to this website for information on next years 2009 Kelly Guffey Race to Remember. We look forward to seeing you. Regards, Remember Kelly Inc.


We did it!
Well Kelly, we did it!!!! YIPPIE SKIPPY as you would say! The race was awesome and the turnout was awesome! And I wanted to tell you that my friend said that you were smiling over us as the sunny skies led out of participants, and you shed tears of joy as the raindrops began to fall just as we finished up. I thought that was beautiful. Putting together this race does not make me miss you any less, feel your void any less, or ache any less for all the grief that I swallow every day, for all you've been cheated, for all I've been cheated, for all mom and dad and Gabe and Jairus have been cheated, for all the people who no longer have you in their lives, and will never know you.... ...but this race helps me honor you, and Kelly, it helps me keep you close and deep inside my heart. That is where you live. All the things that you and I shared, I keep them in my heart. All the things only you could give me, I swallow the lump, push it down, and know that will no longer ever be again, and try to think of how you'd handle something or what advice you'd offer me. It can never be the same though. This race helps me feel you in me, and I will do it every year. I think I say this every time I post, but here goes again, I still cannot believe you are gone. I think I'm going to turn a corner and you'll be there. Kate and I went to Ocracoke, and boy, did you give us some laughs. Who would have ever thought she and I would be friends, but we are and that is a good thing. The circumstances by which we grew close are not. I can see why you loved her so much. All during the trip, as she and I laughed and cried, I could not help but imagine the two of you and the tears and laughter you shared with each other throughout the years. I miss you Kelly, please keep a watch over us.

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Race Results
The official results of the race can be seen on the web site of...www.racescapes.com. Just click on "event results" to see your personal post time. . And to Steve a personal thank-you for your kind words. Yes, Kelly was an inspiration to everyone she met and this race continues her legacy of hope. Remember Kelly Inc


What a great race today. Kelly seemed to be an inspiration to so many folks that knew her personally. I must have been inspired because I ran my personal best 5K. Does anyone know where we can find these results so I can post them? Thanks


Remember Kelly!!!
Looking forward to help all Remember Kelly. Didnt know her but wish I had. The pictures show a BEAUTIFUL smile.

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Korie Beck

The Race Is Almost Here....
Wow, the race is Saturday. I am attempting to help Robin on some level with the race. Really, I am just her sidekick. I had to come visit your webpage, Kelly. Robin and I have been so close for a long time and she talks about you everyday. I know you are looking down on us and I just hope you are proud of everything your sister, mother, father and other family and friends have done for the race to remember you forever and ever!


what grace...
A friend visiting this weekend mentioned her fitness goals and i wanted to support and keep her on course. Not being a runner i went online where a search led me to this event. After registering her, i visited every link on this site and was touched. The love, support and effort that this young lady generates, even in her absense! with tears in my eyes, having lost my mom to ugly cancer 20 years ago, i think what a wonderful world it is anyway! what this Miss Kelly lost in longevity she sure made up with enthusiasm! i WILL remember what she inspired long after my friend completes the run. rain or shine, we'll all be graced by the light your loved ones share.


Knew Kelly through Carcinoid Group
I corresponded with Kelly on the Carcinoid e-list. I was so shocked when her sister let me know that she had passed away. My husband suffered with carcinoid for six years before he passed away in July. I will always remember Kelly fondly. I was so impressed with all that she had going in her life even though she was going through different procedures and treatments. She was a true inspiration. Karen J. Wilmington, NC


Andrea Schultz Aldridge

This is the first time I have visited this site. A friend e-mailed me about the Remember Kelly Race. We both graduated with her. Tears are streaming down my face after reading all of your heart felt posts. The pain you must have endured and still endure. What you are doing in her honor is AWESOME! Thinking back about Kelly in High School, she was such a life force, even then. She really did have a "presence". The last time I spoke with Kelly, several years back, was in a doctors office and she had told me what she had gone through. I believe at that time she may have been in remission? She was so incredibly positive. I remember, we could never get her to say the word oxygen correctly in Biology. Everytime I see or here the word oxygen, to this day, I think of Kelly. What you are doing here is fantastic!

Toni Ruden

Runner and Mother of 7
Hi, Ive been running for years casually but this year after I had my lil man; Joseph Robert; in August; I decided to go competitive. I have yet to lose all my pregnancy weight and my time; well I think a turtle can run faster; but I love doing the runs because they are for such good causes. I lost my dad to Leukemia 4 years ago; I miss him every minute of everyday. I know how hard it is to lose someone you truly love. I didnt know her but when I run that day I will run with her in my heart. God Bless you and your family, See you soon, Toni Ruden

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Invitation to Race
Hello to everyone. I want to take this opportunity to invite you come out on Saturday, March 29, in Dallas, North Carolina to take part in a 5k race honoring the memory of my daughter, Kelly Diane Guffey. This event not only helps to promote a healthy lifestyle but also helps to fund a scholarship for an aspiring nurse...a definite way for each of us to "pay it forward". Also, if you visit this site, please sign our guestbook. We would love to hear from you. Warmest Regards, Remember Kelly Inc.


Kelly, you are so embraced! Once again, the community of Dallas, and others across the state and nation, have donated their money b/c they believe in what Remember Kelly is all about...helping us do your work b/c you no longer can. Ann Martin has raised so much money for us, as has Lori. Judy and Helen and Mom hosted a dinner at Concord. You always new that congregation so well. They love you still. You are still with us. Mom has worked her fingers to the bone to honor you and I ache for her, and of course, dad too. Every time I type in here, I can't help but look up at your picture with Abby, and I can't believe you're not here. You are still so alive in my heart. I never make much sense when I post here, but the thing is, I can't make much sense out of your death, so my ramblings are how I feel inside....confused...lonely, unsure. I miss you so badly and I miss you for Gabe and Jairus. Jairus will never know how much he was loved by you even before he ever took his first breath of life, but I promise to tell him all about you. I talk to Gabe about you all the time. Please send me a sign that you are with me. I love you with all my heart and miss you always.

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Race Time
Well, Kelly People are sure getting excited and ramped up for your race. Antoine, Baby Ashe and I plan to be there! Itís going to be so exciting because it will be our first year! We know you are looking down on us and I just hope you are smiling! Korie

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Preparing for the Race
The plans for the Kelly Guffey Race to Remember are coming along fine. I anticipate this year will be even bigger and better than before. Everyone is getting excited and anxious for the day. Robin is working so hard to make the day special. Kelly, you would be so proud of what all she has done to honor your life and to bring recognition to everything you embodied. I still miss you and I love you so very much. Gabe forever talks about you and I see you in Jairus' eyes. Love Mother

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