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We invite you to share your thoughts with us! Kelly touched so many lives in the brief time she lived and we appreciate you taking the time to share your comments with us. Warmest regards, Remember Kelly, Inc.

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Missing you
You are always on my mind, Kelly...I miss so many things about you.


Your Scholarship
The award ceremony at North Gaston was held on May 29 and another young lady received $1000.00 for school expenses in her pursuit of a nursing career. I know you would be very pleased to know that your legacy continues....and so does my love for you. mother


Thanks, David
Your tribute to Kelly's influence on your life came at a mommentous time for me. Today is my birthday and while I forever grieve for Kelly, hearing your words of how much she supported you in your formative years is just the best "present" I could ever receive. I wish much success in your life and every happiness possible. Thanks, so much...Kelly's proud Mom!


ms. guffey
kelly was my biology teacher 10+ years ago at NWSA in Charlotte, NC. i remember her as beautiful and beguiling, a woman with strength, wisdom, warmth, and tremendous intelligence. she told me once how she used to dye her hair bizarre colors all the time in college. i thought kelly was amazing because she was unafraid to be totally honest; i remember she stopped me on the stairs once to tell me that it was okay to be myself, whoever i decided that was. i was only in 8th grade, but i felt grateful that she respected my intelligence and reached out to me. she was many of my peers' favorite teacher, probably for that same reason. i think this scholarship program is an amazing way to honor kelly's legacy, and i hope her family can find comfort in knowing that kelly touched many lives for the better.


8 Years Today.....
On a rainy day 8 years ago I stood by your bed and watched you draw your last breath of life. Sometimes it feels like that happened thousands of years ago and then again, it feels as if it just happened. I have relived that moment so many times in the past 8 years and I am always left brokenhearted. I miss you so much and I pray that one day I will hold you in my arms and feel the joy of your presence. Always loving you....


Happy New Year
Christmas is gone and the new year has started and you're still gone...sometimes I think my heart will break into little pieces....I just want to hear your laughter and feel your presence...I miss you forever. I pray some day I will understand why God took you away. I love you more than my life itself. xoxo


Just desired to express I'm pleased I stumbled on your webpage.


Thank you:)
say thanks to a lot for your site it helps a whole lot.


Wonderful Web site, Continue the great work. Regards!


I enjoy browsing your web site. Thanks a lot!


Our day was quite eventful. I'm sure you know all about it. Somehow I think you stay very near to us...just out of my reach. The holiday has come and gone and now we wait for Christmas. Always keeping you in my thoughts and loving you beyond measure. xoxoxo


It's October
hard to believe that another season is going on and I continue to miss you so much....My heart is simply broken and I miss you so much...I hold you in my arms every night when I go to bed and remember the times we shared when we used to tell each other good night...love you and I hope somehow you hear that.


I have always got you on my mind....love you


Thinking of you
More than you know, always missing you, and wishing I could sit down with you over a cup of coffee and you could give me some of your wisdom:) xoxo


Our visit
As I am sure that you had some way of knowing that Robin and Kate and I visited your memorial site on July 8 (which by the way was Robin's birthday)we were still surprised that the area on the shoreline was blocked off. It just added to our feeling that somehow you were very near and showing how you can always surprise us with your wonderful sense of humor. We laughed and cried and will continue to be so sad that you are not physically present in our lives. Loving you with all my heart. Mom


Happy Fourth of July
You always knew how to celebrate and have fun on any occasion ...wishing you were here, in person, with your dad and me....but you will always be with us in spirit. loving you dearly.


Your scholarship
Kelly...you would be so proud to know that another young lady was selected to receive your scholarship this year. Seven scholarships have been awarded so far and because of you the nursing profession will prosper. I am so proud of everything you accomplished in the short time you were with us here on earth. I look forward to the day that I will once again embrace you and feel complete. I love you.

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